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This is the section where you can buy Neopoints (NP). We have a number of packages for you to choose from. We sell Neopoints from as low as One Million Neopoints all the way to higher increments such as Ten Million Neopoints and above. Our prices are the cheapest around and we are constantly changing our prices to keep competitive.

No matter what dream Neopets item you’re chasing (a Plushie Paint Brush for your Aisha, a rare TCG or plushie for your gallery, a morphing potion to morph your poor Lenny into a rare Lutari, or even finding that strong weapon for your pet to fight within the Battledome)  there’s one thing you need: NP. Probably lots of them.

Unfortunately, it’s tedious and frustrating to earn NP in-game; for the average player, even earning enough to buy a Baby Paint Brush can take forever! Games are slow, and let’s be honest – they’re boring, especially because you have to play the same games over and over. Even if you enjoy them when you first start playing, they become a chore without a lot of payback pretty quickly. Plus you can be a fantastic gamer and not earn a lot because Neopets caps the amount of NP you can earn per game, which makes the time you have to invest in game playing even more frustrating.

And restocking? Unless you like tedium, have hours to spend on it, and have a super-fast computer *and* internet connection – forget about it. We won’t even mention learning how to recognize what items are good for restocking and what aren’t – unless you want to take on a part-time job to learn the ins and outs and then spend day after day doing it, it’s probably not worth your time. For all but the most hardcore players, restocking is something better left to the pros – who else needs that kind of stress in their hobby?

So where does that leave you, short of doing your dailies and saving forever? And what happens if the item of your dreams comes up for sale at a price you’ll never beat again – but you just don’t have the points? Don’t worry – Bank of Neopia has you covered. We sell all the NP you’ll ever need, in convenient increments so you can always buy exactly what you need. Only need a few things? Buy 5 million – it’s the perfect sum to stash in the bank and buy something here or there. Ready to buy some expensive battle gear? Don’t worry – we sell increments of 20 million, too!

Our NPs are delivered in the most discreet possible way – on preloaded accounts straight to your email. This means you don’t have to worry about someone catching on that you’re using a Neopets cheats site because there are no in-game transfers from us to you. It’s as simple and as safe as it gets. And the best part? If you want fast service, you’re in the right place – we guarantee delivery to you in under 24 hours, with some orders as fast as five minutes!

So what are you waiting for? Stop spending all of your time saving and start enjoying your hobby. Fast easy Neopoints are only a few clicks away. Whatever dream you’ve been chasing, the Bank of Neopia has you covered!