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At Bank of Neopia, we know how hard it can be to come by the unconverted pet of your dreams. Unconverted (UC) pets, or pets with the old artwork before Neopets could wear clothing, have some of the most distinctive, beautiful artwork, and for a lot of users, it’s more than just a prettier pet, it’s a favourite, and often a dream pet. Unfortunately, it’s harder and harder to get UC pets in game as the trading chat gets more and more exclusive, and more and more UC pets are lost over time. While it’s possible to try “trading up” or “penny trading” to get the UC you’ve been dreaming of, it will almost certainly take forever, involve a lot of tedious time bumping on the boards, and being told “no” by potential traders – and even if you do end up with the UC you want, the names are likely to be…less than perfect.

Fortunately, we’ve got a better solution than spending your life trading or worse yet, giving up on that UC dream. We have almost every kind of UC in stock and ready to deliver without the months (or longer!) you’d have to wait if you tried the trading route. The best part is that all of our pets capped and pronounceable very-well named (VWN) pets; you don’t have to worry about ending up with a pretty UC Faerie Aisha named __SCARYDARI12 for your dream pet because we stock only the nicest pets for our customers.

If your dreams are the cream of the crop and the highest of high end pets, we have you covered. We have a number of those super coveted UC Plushie / UC Royal / UC Draik / UC Krawk pets that you never thought it was possible to trade up to; from beautiful Unconverted Royalgirl Lupes, tp squishy UC Plushie Kougras and Lupes, to the gold-star UC Plushie Draiks and UC Maraquan Krawks. Please note that while these pets are safe and not stolen/scammed pets, high-end pets are uniquely visible if you go to the PC after purchase, so please read the safety instructions in your delivery email carefully. That information is for your protection to make sure your purchase goes smoothly and we cannot stress enough how important it is to read it carefully so that you can enjoy your new high end pet as much as possible.

Of course, not everyone wants a plushie or royal, and we cater to all tastes. We have all manners of UC Darigans, Faeries, Greys, from the high end UC Darigan Wockies down to the UC Darigan Unis and UC Faerie Kaus as well as everything in between. We also have UC Maraquans, Tyrannians, Babies, Robots, Mutants, and even the more unique MSPPs, Quigukis, Usukis, and others. Whatever your UC dream is, we have it in stock, ready to make it a reality whenever you’re ready to take the leap. But really, why wait? Your UC dream pet is waiting for you here at the Bank of Neopia.