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23 reviews for 1 Million Neopoints

  1. Kay (verified owner)

    Really great price for times when you don’t have a lot of money but need a good chunk of neopoints. Quick delivery too.

  2. Coffee (verified owner)

    SUPER fast delivery, very impressed.

  3. Rjsx (verified owner)

    Instant delivery and incredible service. Jennifer was polite and I look forward to more purchases in the future.

  4. Katie (verified owner)

    Wow, can’t believe this worked! Got the np right away with no problems at all. Will definitely buy here again.

  5. Erica (verified owner)

    Awesome price, sure beats saving up neopoints 🙂

  6. Martijn Jamin (verified owner)

    Instant delivery, very satisfied!

  7. Kyle (verified owner)

    Dont have time to earn np yourself? Here’s your answer! Great price & instant deilvery as always

  8. Amber (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery. No problems. Will purchase again. Highly recommended.

  9. Jay (verified owner)

    see the thing about this is if you need a quick buck for something and it works perfect 1m for 5 bucks cant beat it AND ITS INSTANT DELIVERY ALWAYS GUARANTEED! sometimes not always but sometimes you get a little extra maybe like 200k or some codestones or een the one time I got a island paint brush 😮

  10. Novas (verified owner)

    Fast and amazing service! Also trustworthy and safe they give you a whole account just to be safe!! Honestly product was so good I bought it twice!

  11. way (verified owner)

    Really fast got payment immediately, very good service

  12. Rachael (verified owner)

    Fast and most definately reliable, instant neopoints for me. And i got a little over for what i paid for 🙂

    I reccomend this site to anyone!

  13. Ice (verified owner)

    I Bought this item looking for a quick easy way to get points, and it was very easy to do . I got a shell account with the points on it, and it had 100k extra. I love buying from here, and it came so very quickly it didn’t even take a long time to arrive.

  14. Josh (verified owner)

    Nice, quick, and clean million. Just bought something nice on the TP and transferred it right over 🙂

    This is the golden standard to compare all items on this site with.

  15. Ricky (verified owner)

    The service was fast and I am so pleased with the product. I’m looking forward in future purchases

  16. Arielle (verified owner)

    I bought this item recently and I am very happy with how quickly they were able to get the item to me. I’m very happy with the service!

  17. Sairawr (verified owner)

    bought with a baby pb as a trial just in case this was a scam… received it within the hour and online chat was v. helpful also 🙂

  18. Edwin (verified owner)

    Excellent service and site! 🙂 Instant delivery, friendly staff, and wonderful service!

    Highly recommended!

  19. Abdul

    A great item if you are in need of quick bucks that would take too long to obtain from just slaving away at games. Great item at a great price!

  20. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Amazing! So helpful! And FAST! Hope to purchase again soon!

  21. Danielle D. (verified owner)

    Very pleased!!! I know a lot of people are most likely skeptical because I definitely was but I will definitely use BON again! Verity contacted me right away and the transaction was extremely fast! I felt very reassured! Thank you!

  22. Annie (verified owner)

    BankofNeopia is one of the very few sites where you can purchase 1 million neopoints – so many other sites force you to buy larger minimums! I love that the BankofNeopia provides the option of a small amount of np’s, as opposed to only having large amounts of np’s for sale (5 million+)

    So grateful for BankofNeopia!
    Always prompt processing of one’s order & always discreet!

    I would recommend them to ANYONE!

  23. Paige

    Best website out there for neopoints! Very fast and safe and they sometimes give you extra items!

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