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At BankofNeopia we understand that so much of the game is pursuing your idea of your perfect dream pet, whether that’s a perfectly customized Faerie Krawk, a cross painted Pirate Draik with a Lost Desert base, or the most perfectly named unconverted Faerie Xweetok. But whatever your dream is, don’t forget that it isn’t all about painting and customizing – your dream pet needs the perfect petpet, too! Don’t worry though; no matter what your dream pet is, we have the perfect petpet for you, in stock and ready to deliver instantly to your inbox with no worry, fuss, or hunting around. Simply scroll through our stock, select your choice, checkout – and boom, your dream pet’s perfect petpet is there waiting for you.

Of course, dream pets come in different colours and species, so we have a variety of petpets ready to fill your needs. If you’re looking to double up on both the perfect petpet and the pursuit of an avatar, we carry the adorable Snowbunny; it can be painted into a number of colours using a petpet paint brush to help better match it to your pet, and after being equipped for at least a year, you’ll have an adorable avatar, too.

If you’re into older retired petpets, we have a number of rare and hard to find ones to help match many different pets. From the grumpy prehistoric-looking Trumpadon to the spooky Gremble, the adorable Goldy, and the always-popular Yooyu, we have a ton of petpets in stock and waiting for your pet. For a less pricy option, we have a number of currently available petpets too, such as the cute Khonsu and the scary looking Baraga.

For those who are looking for the pricier petpets, we have a number of high end options too. The pathetically adorable Candychan is always popular and is also paintable into a number of different colours with one of our petpet paint brushes; though expensive, this little petpet has so much character that for a lot of people no other petpet will do. Krawks are another popular choice and while they can be used to create a full-grown Krawk neopet, these little guys are expensive enough that we definitely recommend keeping them in their littler version. Like the Candychans, Krawks can be painted into a number of different colours so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect match for your Neopet.

Slightly less expensive, but no less adorable, the Snowickle and Turmacs are always popular choices too. Popular midrange petpets, they also boast a number of different colours so can be customized to match almost any pet. Of course, they’re pretty cute in their unpainted forms, too!

Whatever your choice is, our instant delivery will make your perfect pet and petpet combination mere moments away. And remember, if your petpet isn’t quite perfect, most of our petpets can be painted into different colours using one of our petpet paint brushes, so you can customize it into the perfect match. It’s so easy – what are you waiting for?