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Everyone has a dream pet and at Bank of Neopia we have everything you need to make that dream come true, from paint brushes to morphing potions and transmogrification potions to draik eggs. If it’s a creatable pet, we can help make your dream come true whether it’s a Dimensional Skeith or a Faerie Draik or a Plushie Lutari. It’s all in stock and it’s all instant delivery, so you can have whatever you need to make or morph or paint your dream pet, right now, no waiting necessary. But don’t forget, it’s not just your pet that may need painting – they need the perfect petpet, too!

Of course, we sell a lot of petpets, from Candychans to Meepits and Snowbunnies to Krawks, in stock and ready to deliver the moment you buy. Figuring out the perfect petpet is a two step process, after all – first you have to figure out what kind of petpet you want. One you know the petpet, you need to decide the colour – so at the Bank of Neopia, we also have every kind of Petpet Paint Brush imaginable. After all, it’s not just your pet that you want to paint and customize to your heart’s content – your pet’s petpet has to match too!

We have all the newer petpet PBs, including the Eventide Petpet Paint Brush, the Water Petpet Paint Brush, and the beautiful Maractite Petpet Paint Brush. We know how popular the new petpet colours are so we’re careful to keep these in stock for you, ready to customize your petpet to match at only a moment’s notice. After all, your pet isn’t perfect until it’s perfect, and waiting to save up for some of these expensive petpet PBs is super tedious – why spend so much time waiting just to paint your petpet? With the Bank of Neopia’s help, you can have it done in just minutes.

But we don’t just stock the newer petpet PBs because we know that the classic colours never go out of style. Whether it’s a sad Grey petpet that caught your eye or a pretty Pink one, we’ve got all the basics and solid colours in stock too, and they’re also instant delivery so you can have them the moment you decide to order. We work hard to make it as easy as possible to make your dreams come true as quickly as possible without scrimping and saving every single day; with competitive pricing and instant delivery your petpet is as good as painted!

If you’re looking for a petpet PB in-game, you’ll spend most of your time waiting – waiting to earn neopoints, which we all know is a slow process. Waiting to save enough, accumulate enough NP to finally be able to afford. And even more frustratingly – waiting to find a seller, waiting for them to accept your bid, or set up an auction. It’s a pain, but at Bank of Neopia, we make it as painless as possible. You don’t have to wait – you can paint that petpet today!