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Whatever your goal – getting through the plot, beating Defenders of Neopia, or participating in high tier battle events, whether you’re a beginner in the Battle Dome or an old pro with lots of experience, the Bank of Neopia has a range of weapons for your Neopet that is sure to fit your budget and your needs. Our vast stock ranges from starter weapons appropriate for a lower-statted pet to intermediate weapons suited for the average battle pet, and all the way up to top of the line weapons for the more elite battlers. Whatever your needs and goals, Bank of Neopia can help get you outfitted quickly; don’t waste any more time digging for weapons in game when we have literally everything you need right here. It’s all instant delivery, so you can find yourself armed in a matter of minutes – it takes only as long as you take to decide and checkout!

We carry all the major categories of weapons. Offensively, we have you totally covered. When it comes to bombs, we have the classic Honey Potion best suited for beginner arsenals, and the ever popular Ghostkerbomb, which packs a bigger punch for more advanced sets. If you’re looking for constants, we carry the extremely popular anagram swords (Sword of Thigl, Skardsen, Thare, Tawre, Reif, and Ari), each of which packs a solid punch with a different icon twist and is a great match for intermediate battlers. Beginner battlers will love the cost effective Ylanas Blaster, which packs a punch for a lower price. At the higher end of battling, elite battlers will love the double-whammy knock-out that the Ghostkersword and the Faerie Sling Shot, not to mention the Grapes of Wrath, offer.

Defensively, we’ve got your back too. The ghostkershield is one of the most popular shields in the game and we always have it in stock and ready to deliver; it’s a great shield no matter what kind of battler you are. For the more elite battlers we also carry Thyoras Tear, which is one of the very best ways to shut your opponent down flat. And every set, no matter what tier you’re in, needs a healer – it’s a must-have for battling. For beginner and intermediate battlers the Bag of Healing dust is a great constant healer that will heal 50% of your Neopet’s hitpoints – that heal could make the difference between a win and a draw, or even a win and a loss. Of course, for elite battlers and stronger pets, there is simply no replacement for a full heal in battle, which is why we stock the Leaded Elemental Vial. (Be careful to equip it though – don’t accidentally drink it!)

And finally, in a class of their own, one of the single most important pieces any battler can have in their arsenal is a freezer. The 100% freezer is one of the investments every battler needs to make as the extra turn a freezer affords cannot be replaced by any other weapon. We stock both the Freezing Potion and the H4000 Helmet, as well as the Magical Marbles of Mystery.

So don’t wait any longer; the perfect battle set is only minutes away here at the Bank of Neopia!