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5 reviews for 15 Million Neopoints

  1. Baz (verified owner)

    I was initially skeptical as to whether if this site is legit and whether if i were to buy it and would my account be banned.

    Surprisingly, its been over 3 months now and my account is still up and running and I have to really admire the speed of delivery.

    With that, I have now made additional purchases without hesitation,

  2. Justin

    Okay so when I got this I was nervous because this is a lot of money to be just throwing out there it took only like 10 mins and I got the info with the account plus there was an extra 2m on the account so a total of 17m instead of 15 plus a lot of codestones and there was a island paint brush believe it or not and you get to keep the account! 🙂 I was so nervous but everything was legit and went threw you cant go wrong with this the higher the buy the more neopoints you get for the better cheaper price

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    Bought this and received in several hours, which was great as I live in a different time zone! Not my first purchase on BoN which is why I was confident in purchasing this amount. Great service, quick replies.

  4. kristina

    Instant delivery. Best site ever! Thanks (:

  5. Edwin (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. Less than an hour. Trustworthy and reccommended

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