4 Million Neopoints

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7 reviews for 4 Million Neopoints

  1. Messy Lexi (verified owner)

    I just needed enough for a few items, and this covered it and more! As usual, quick delivery, awesome staff service, and epic value for what you pay- I even price compared, it really doesn’t get any better than these guys!

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    Wasn’t quite sure about the site but went ahead and bought a whopping 4 mil, praying it would work. Well it did! When they say instant, they really mean it. I mean I bought it, logged on to my email, and the message was already there with the shell account information and everything plus an extra 100K! I am DEFINITELY going to be buying again! This is so worth the money. And for all those people out there reading the reviews who are doubtful because any one can type up a review (trust me, that was me) it really does work. Buy something for 90 cents and see how quick it’s delivered! This is the best site ever!

  3. Eliza N.

    Definitely worth it! I was nervous about using a site, but my little sister was pleased when I gifted her items to her favorite site! Give it a shot, seriously!

  4. A. Chac (verified owner)

    I was a bit nervous at first, but everything was perfect. I have no complaints, excellent service. Trust BoN!

  5. Jess (verified owner)

    was very happy with my purchase here and Jennifer was very nice to assist me thanks!

  6. Tori (verified owner)

    Got the shell account within an hour. They also added an extra 430k! ^-^

  7. Melanie (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery! This is legit!

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