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At Bank of Neopia, we’ve been players too, so we know the truth – at Neopets, it’s all about the paint brush! If you’re like most players, the first item you realized was valuable when you were a newbie was a paint brush, and it was the first valuable object you tried to save up for. From the ubiquitous Christmas Paint Brushes to the highly coveted Faerie PBs to the much-loved Baby PBs, we know just how important painting your pets is – and that’s why we stock every kind of Paint Brush.

We know the classic colours will never go out of style, so we have all the nice solid colours in stock for you to choose from. Brown, white, purple, pink all the way down to the less expensive non-solid colours like Split, Speckled, Sketch and more – not every dream is an expensive one, but that doesn’t mean you want to waste time looking for one in-game or spending time painstakingly accruing each neopoint to buy the brush. Our paint brushes are always in stock and will be sent out to you within our delivery window of 24 hours. Most of the time, they’re available almost immediately!

But we also know that it is often the newer and more expensive colours that are harder to find ingame, and take way more time to save up for. If you’ve been dreaming of a Maraquan Shoyru or a Plushie Draik, we’ve got it all in stock. We have the newer colours too – Dimensional? Wraith? Transparent? They’re all in stock and just waiting for you. If saving up for a classic colour is a lot of work, we know that saving neopoints for one of the pricier colours is absolutely mind-numbing and time consuming, but at the Bank of Neopia we have your back. You can spend hours and days and weeks saving up to paint your pet, making the game tedious and boring in the interim. Or, you can simply buy it from us – instant delivery means the game is never boring because you don’t spend your neo-life pinching neopoints. You can have your beautifully painted pet right away, and enjoy the game.

Of course, not everyone wants a paint brush to paint their pets; paint brushes are also very easy-to-sell (ETS) so are also a great way to raise NP without having to transfer NP from a preloaded account. From the smaller faster items like Baby Paint Brushes which have a very static price in game to the bigger paint brushes, they’re a great way to raise cash quickly.

Whatever your goal is, at the Bank of Neopia, your satisfaction is important to us. We offer literally dozens of options for painting your pet and have them all in stock. We work very hard to keep our prices both reasonable and competitive to give you the best deal while maintaining a safe method for delivering your order because your safety and happiness is very important to us. Why wait when you can have your dream pet today, in mere moments?