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This is an option to get your own UC Grey Neopet.

We have hundreds of these in stock so there are many options for you to pick from and from the options you pick, we will be able to find you the perfectly suited pet.

We have many UC Grey Pets of each species listed.

All of our pets are extremely safe and unknown.

All pets are very well named, capitalised and pronounceable.

All name formats are similar to Xxxxxx.

Any more questions. Please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

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UC Greys

UC Grey Acara, UC Grey Aisha, UC Grey Chomby, UC Grey Flotsam, UC Grey Gelert, UC Grey Grarrl, UC Grey Grundo, UC Grey Ixi, UC Grey Jetsam, UC Grey JubJub, UC Grey Kacheek, UC Grey Kau, UC Grey Koi, UC Grey Korbat, UC Grey Kougra, UC Grey Krawk, UC Grey Kyrii, UC Grey Lupe, UC Grey Meerca, UC Grey Moehog, UC Grey Mynci, UC Grey Peophin, UC Grey Poogle, UC Grey Pteri, UC Grey Scorchio, UC Grey Shoyru, UC Grey Skeith, UC Grey Techo, UC Grey Tonu, UC Grey Uni, UC Grey Wocky, UC Grey Yurble, UC Grey Zafara

39 reviews for UC Greys

  1. Melissa

    After playing Neopets for many years, I was never successful enough in the past to have a grey pet of my own. I loved the old art. Now that the art style has changed, I was even more upset. My chances of getting a UC were very slim. I didn’t fancy the idea of the trading process. On Neopets, my biggest wish was to have a UC pet. I’m very happy that Bank of Neopia was able to fulfill my dream to obtain a lovely UC Grey. I was trustful with buying a higher priced item as I’ve purchased on this site before. The customer service was kind, excellent and helpful answering all of my questions. ^_^ They also provide safety instructions in the email of your purchase. The delivery was extremely quick, and I was so pleased that the UC Grey I received was VWN! Bank of Neopia sure knows how to keep their customers satisfied with all of their purchases. Thank you very much, Bank of Neopia!

  2. Mikey

    i’m totally thrilled with my purchase of a grey grundo. she’s adorable and VVVWN. customer service was nothing less than extremely helpful with answering my questions and getting back to me super quick. i’ve purchased one or two things from here before but nothing like this, and i’m totally impressed. thank you, bank of neopia! c:

  3. Kit (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast delivery and lovely customer service. Very good advice given and clear instructions on transfer. Altogether a lovely experience and will definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase.

  4. Barbara (verified owner)

    I bought a grey pet, and I literally could not be happier. The name is absolutely perfect (and I’m picky!) and the instructions in the email about staying safe are really useful. One thing to keep in mind is that pet purchases aren’t instant, so don’t get alarmed if it’s not delivered right away. I got an email from them within a day of purchase and customer service has been awesome.

    I never would have been able to get such a WN UC grey without Bank of Neopia. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  5. Novas

    Best experience ever!! I got my dream pet a uc grey and it is vwn!!!! I have been waiting for this since I started playing neopets. Now I got money so I got here because I knew this website is helpful, trustworthy, and treat you good. Also I had 2 cards one had $41 and one card had $15 and the uc grey was $50( btw cheapest uc grey out of all websites) and on PayPal they do not pay with 2 cards on one order. So I emailed bank of neopia sales and they made me 2 invoces to pay for it( made it into 2 payments). And I got all questions anwsered,instant service and talked to actual people( finally a actual person!). Got my dreamie safely into account now I have achieved my biggest goal!! Thanks bank of neopia!!!

  6. Josh

    I’m genuinely impressed with the quality and ease of getting an UC pet on neo with this site. They are extra friendly via email, and they are also very helpful getting you what you want.

  7. Nick

    I love the customer service at this place, so nice and patient! I bought reward points for this and I was able to apply them at checkout, so I emailed them and walked be through it like a breeze. I’m so very happy with my new UC, I just can curl up and hold him. Thank you bankofneopia!

  8. Mel (verified owner)

    Not even three hours had passed after paying and there was my UC grey! I appreciate the precautions sent in the email. BankofNeopia really looks out for its customers. The name is gorgeous and I cannot thank the people of this site enough. If one of your dreamies happens to be a UC and you’re on the verge of giving up all hope, I encourage you to buy from BankofNeopia. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

  9. Mary W. (verified owner)

    I have been so excited to start replacing pets I lost in the purge. My first was the UC grey Aisha. Staff is excellent, delivery was almost instant. The name is exactly what they promised, no numbers, underscores or excessive letters. Very happy to have my new pet. Thank you BON.

  10. S. System (verified owner)

    The UC is everything I could have asked for. Secure transfer. Quick info delivery. Bank of Neopia prioritizes the safety of its customers to assure you and your pets are not cast to what we Neopians have not-so-affectionately referred to as ‘Ice-land’. Thank you so much for my dreamie!

  11. Amy (verified owner)

    I ordered a UC Grey for an extremely fantastic price! The service they provided was excellent. Super-quick, easy to understand, very helpful, and dedicated. I asked hundreds of questions, and they answered every single of them with a complaint. Not only that, they are very positive and confident with their philosophy which made me feel very comfortable with each and every one of my purchases. I was a little nervous buying a UC, but it came in 10 minutes! The email gave me detailed information and things to watch out for. Very happy with my service. Thanks Jennifer and Verity! 🙂

  12. Meli (verified owner)

    Thank you for my gorgeous UC. She’s a very nice pet. I appreciate your professionalism and for answering all my questions. You helped me pick out my dream pet. I hope you know how much this means to me.

  13. Happy Customer

    I cannot express how wonderful my experience was. I ordered my UC grey and got it within hours. The name was better than I could have hoped for and the transaction was smooth. I highly recommend this site.

  14. Another Happy Customer (verified owner)

    Very secure and safe transfer! Not to mention my UC is beautifully named. Much better than what I expected.

    Thank you so much!

  15. Kristopher (verified owner)

    I’ve always been very wary of pet selling websites, but this one completely blows the others out of the water. Not only are the prices staggeringly lower (a whole 40% for the pet I purchased!) than other websites, but the staff as a whole is incredible. Jennifer walked me through every concern via live chat in real time (which is an excellent application, I highly recommend utilizing it) and answered all of my questions almost if not immediately. I received an email as soon as my order was placed along with very specific and detailed instructions on how to safely transfer the products purchased. A very safe, trustworthy and thorough website, I guarantee I will only be shopping here from now on.

  16. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I bought an UC pet a month or so ago and it was great! The transaction was quick, the pet came with a shell, a great name, and a long list of instructions that helped me move my pet safely. I for sure wouldn’t order from any place else!

  17. Brian (verified owner)

    this is reliable, came quick, and VWN!

  18. Kee (verified owner)

    Hey guys, I had recently just bough an uc grey, and I couldnt be happier. I know you must be very worried and skeptical about buying a neopet, but I can guarantee you, they give you your pet instantly, and they are very trustworthy. Everyone is extremely kind, and very understanding. Although ive only have my pet for over a week, I cant wait to transfer my pet to my main. I will definitely be buying more in the future!

  19. Tina (verified owner)

    I am in love. Great name and I love his color. Could not be any happier thank you so much!!!

  20. Britt (verified owner)

    I’m amazed that I got exactly what I was looking for through ordering. Despite some issues, the consumer service was keen and quick to reply. It was smooth and simple, fully worth every penny! I adore my new UC Grey pet and will treasure him always. Their tips to prevent me from getting in troubles were very helpful and much appreciated. I’m very pleased with my purchase. To anyone who doesn’t believe in how amazing this website is, you’re sadly mistaken. This site is amazing.

  21. Betsy (verified owner)

    I love my new pet. She’s all that I could’ve ever wanted, without the annoying hassle of trading! Perfect! This kind of deal too!

  22. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Just bought an UC grey and it was delivered within an hour! one word to describe it which is AMAZING. Verity is super helpful and taught me how to keep my beloved safe.. BEST SITE EVER. love my pet and its name perfect.. Thanks bank of neopia will definitely come back for more!

  23. Laurel (verified owner)

    I made my second purchase on this site, a UC Grey! Delivery took less than an hour, and as the description states, the pet was indeed very well named, capitalized, and pronounceable. And I once again received wonderful instructions on how to keep my pet safe! I have zero complaints!

  24. Doubt Free Zone (verified owner)

    If you are sitting there at your computer ho humming about getting your dream pet, consider this review the bucket of ice water I am theoretically dumping on your head. Seriously, fast service, awesome names, no worries.

  25. Natalie (verified owner)

    I decided to get an UC grey because I never got the chance to get one before everything got converted on Neo, and after that people asked a lot for one if they were trading it. So I decided to buy one instead and boy was I glad! Got the pet within 12 hours and i was very pleased. It is indeed VWN’d pet and I could not be happier. Thanks BoN!

  26. Pamela (verified owner)

    Was kept up to date on the status of everything, and actually receiving the pet was done so within a reasonable amount of time. The tips that were given to keep my account safe were extremely helpful. Entire process was incredibly professional. (:

  27. bridget (verified owner)

    i purchased a uc grey and the name is amazing! he is sooo cute. great service and prices thank you BON

  28. Austin (verified owner)

    Great service and quick! Send detailed instructions to protect my account and my neopet. Thanks so much!

  29. Zandra (verified owner)

    Early yesterday afternoon, I placed my order for one of my dream pets.

    Verity was amazing, she gave me tips on how to keep the cutie safe.

    I also was not expecting his name to be so amazing. I will definitely be buying more in the future. <3

  30. Cod Physche (verified owner)

    Bought a uc grey a few months ago, great service, great name!

  31. Tori (verified owner)

    The name is perfect. Told me the safest and best way to transfer the pet around. I will probably buy another sometime in the much later future.

  32. Gabbi (verified owner)

    Verity was extremely helpful in helping me choose out a name. Her replies were also extremely prompt. This is my first pet buy and I look forward to more :))

  33. Michaela

    I love it! Got my info within minutes! The information they sent me was very helpful, I was able to move the pet to one of my accounts safely. Me and my new UC Grey thank you!

  34. Allyssa

    They did an awesome job! The delivery was quick and thy even took the time to explain how to transfer the pet while staying under the radar. I will be buying more UCs from them

  35. Rach

    Quick service, detailed instructions, and a lovely name; thanks!

  36. syan

    Pet arrived within a few hours with a bunch of instructions about keeping them safe. Lovely name, completely safe shell account you can keep for yourself, and is a dreamie!! Have bought items many, many times before and BoN has been just as reliable. Thanks so much. Will be back for more.

  37. Kayla (verified owner)

    Purchased an UC grey today 🙂 Transaction was fast and easy with ID verification for safety. Helpful guidelines were even provided for the safest transaction possible. I’m actually surprised at how good the name is. I’m super happy!

  38. Laura (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a UC pet with BoN once before and this experience was just as good as that one was. I got my pet within 12 hours and they made sure beforehand that I would be alright with the name format. Very happy c:

  39. cool pets

    the peo was cool. loved it.

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