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A magical negg that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. One of the most powerful Neggs on sale, the snegg will grant your pet super powers!


When fed, this item increases your pet’s hit points by 2-3 and increases their movement by 2-3.

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14 reviews for Snegg

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Comes Right in time and good for the new war always guaranteed 🙂

  2. Katie (verified owner)

    Great help in training for the war, and super cheap!

  3. Barbara (verified owner)

    Instant delivery & so useful for the plot!

  4. way (verified owner)

    since war is here, i need a way to train my pets hp fast, so with this snegg it does the job. Delivered super fast and i couldn’t be more pleased

  5. Lenalee (verified owner)

    This one took a little longer than the altador strength potions did to be delivered. They weren’t there instantly like the potions were, but I got the e-mail the very next morning. Thank you!

  6. melody (verified owner)

    brilliant product and very helpful absolutely love bankofneopia would recomend 🙂

  7. Messy Lexi (verified owner)

    Bought this as a sort of "spare change" item, but it ended up being way worth it! Wish I would have bought more, saves a lot of dubloons and codestones. ;P

  8. Kristina (verified owner)

    Definitely worth it 🙂 Very happy and got it quick

  9. Kristina (verified owner)

    This shell account was SO MUCH FUN. Not only did I get my snegg, but there was well over 1 Milion NP worth of items, and 44K NP on the acount. I cant believe they dont take this stuff off the shells before giving it to us! Wonderful surprise haha

  10. Huntress (verified owner)

    LOVE this Item I ordered 10 for my neopet and got so many extras on each shell account really worth it!!!

  11. Kristina (verified owner)

    prompt as usual. thank you

  12. Kay (verified owner)

    Was out of stock, but they got more in less then 24 hrs. thanks.

  13. Tina (verified owner)

    Thank you can’t wait to raise my BD pets stats

  14. Jordan S (verified owner)

    Love the discount on bulk orders, came instantly.

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