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With all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, you’ll gain access to the Secret Laboratory! The Secret Laboratory is a place that is owned by the Mad Lab Ray Scientist. He has developed a Laboratory Ray that can alter your pet in many, many ways — both good and bad. If you’re into taking risks, the Lab Ray is definitely the place for you! Released on November 13, 2000, the Lab Ray has been tempting players with promises super powered pets for years now, and for the price some of the pieces go for, it better do something good! It used to cost only about 500k to 600k, but inflation has pushed the price to double that, now making it cost around 1 million neopoints for all nine pieces. Thankfully, we offer you great deals on all your favourite and most sought after Neopets items, Secret Laboratory Map included! Plus, our quick delivery will have you zapping you pet in no time at all!

So, why would people shell out a million Neopoints just for a map? What does the lab ray actually do? It can do lots of things! Let’s start with stats. If you’re a Battledomer, you’ll be interested to know that the Lab Ray can both add and take away stats! It can add or take up to two levels at a time, two or three strength points, two or three defense points, two or three movements points, two to five hit points at a time, or your pet can go back down to level one if it is level twenty or below. It can also change your pets gender! But what most people are interested in the Lab Ray over is its ability to cause aesthetic changes in your pets. The Ray can change your pet’s species, for example. If you start out with a Red Kougra, you could end up with a Spotted Mynci! This could be good or bad, depending on your preferences. The Lab Ray can also give you limited edition pets like Cybunny, Poogle, and Hissi. Plus, the Ray can change your pet’s color into nearly anything! The only colours it can’t change your pet into are Usuki, Quiguki, Royal, Pirate, Plushie, and Baby, and the Ice Bori. ANY other colour and species combination, you can obtain here! Plus, there are several Lab Ray exclusive colours, too! These are Alien, Chocolate, Clay, Coconut, Custard, Garlic, Ice, Jelly, Mallow, MSP, Robot, Snot, Sponge, and 8-bit. The only other way to obtain these colours is through a Faerie Fountain Quest.

If that isn’t enough, the Lab Ray also gives you an avatar for your first species change, and you can also obtain the Lab Ray Scientist as a Battledome challenger! Having the lab ray is great if you have all of your dream pets already and want to give back to the community by starting an adoption agency. And if you don’t already have your dream pet, you could trade an awesome labbed pet for the pet of your dreams; it’s great for trading up!

Though the Secret Laboratory Ray isn’t for the impatient or super cautious, there are many benefits to be had if you’re willing to take the risk.

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40 reviews for Full Secret Laboratory Map

  1. Dana (verified owner)

    After 12 years of playing, i finally decided to save up for a map of my own, played key quest for 2 weeks and purchased my own, later found this website and in minutes had one for my second account… So worth it!

  2. Baz (verified owner)

    definitely trust worthy and very prompt delivery

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    Bought this map feeling very skeptical, but it sold pretty quickly for a little over a million. Definitely buying one for myself again!

  4. Ivo (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with a lab map 😉 Prompt delivery as always! V. recommended *****

  5. Jamie (verified owner)

    was nervous at first but got my item in under a minute so easy and fast

  6. Kyle (verified owner)

    Instant delivery is the best. Instant access to the lab ray finally. Ohhh yeahhhhh! 🙂

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    Got this for a friend, the price is really affordable compared to how much it costs in Np! This site is awesome

  8. Autumn (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and helpful staff whenever there’s a burp in the system. I have always bought with confidence from here and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. I’ve spent almost 100 dollars here and I will continue to do so in the future, it’s well worth it!

  9. Jordan (verified owner)

    This is an amazing item for a good price! The instant delivery is absolutely awesome!

  10. Josh (verified owner)

    The hardest part of this whole purchase is transferring over the 9 pieces. And if clicking send to neofriend is the hardest part… then this is incredible easy.

  11. Francine (verified owner)

    i’ve always wanted a lab map, and this is the best way to get one. super fast, and now i can zap my pets like i’ve wanted to since 2000!!

  12. Tiff (verified owner)

    This is a pretty good price and the delivery is very fast. This was actually the second set I’ve bought here, and I’ve never been disappointed 🙂

  13. Gabby Michel (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this site, honestly I have no idea what I would do without it! Immediate delivery and always reliable!

  14. Jose R. (verified owner)

    One of the essential for dailies on Neopets. Best and cheapest way to get styles or improve stats. Get it here on BoN!

  15. Olivia W.

    I was extremely worried about purchasing Neopets items off of this website, so I decided to start with one of the lowest prices they had available for items. The account was delivered fast and I had little time to stress because my new Lab Map was in my possession within 5 minutes. Thank you so much! 😀

  16. Joe (verified owner)

    Item arrived immediately and works 100% Thanks you!

  17. Wade (verified owner)

    Love this, got it right after purchase and sent it to my account, thank you.

  18. Abby (verified owner)

    Super fast and reliable delivery as always. Don’t hesitate to enrich your Neolife today!

  19. Edwin (verified owner)

    Instant delivery. Very fast and reliable service

  20. Angelique (verified owner)

    Really quick delivery, thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  21. Another Happy Customer (verified owner)

    This is the second one I’ve purchased for my accounts. c: Thanks so much!

  22. Alexandra (verified owner)

    holy cow this came super fast! I was so scared about being frozen, but the support staff talked me through everything and I can now zap my pets worry free!

  23. Kristina (verified owner)

    Bought a couple of hours ago. Everything went smooth, no problems. Thanks!

  24. Danny

    Excellent and swift service. Got my product within an hour’s time. Very impressed. Please keep up the good work, will shop again. 🙂 Remember to give me the reward pts too hehe

  25. Danny

    Excellent and swift service. Got my product within an hour’s time. Very impressed. Please keep up the good work, will shop again. 🙂 Remember to give me the reward pts too hehe

  26. Michelle (verified owner)

    This is the second map I have bought from Bank of Neopia and probably will not be the last! They have excellent costumer service and fast delivery! If you are having second thoughts I highly suggest you click that buy button! Start zapping those pets today!

  27. Jess (verified owner)

    Always great service from the bank of neopet team. Thanks so much great price quick delivery happy customer

  28. Kerrigan (verified owner)

    I promise to use my powers for good 😉

  29. Finley (verified owner)

    Got my product within a few hours, slight problem that was quickly helped by Jennifer, great customer service! I’ll buy more in the future!

  30. Kate (verified owner)

    I bought the SLM because I am a newbie and knew I would be waiting atleast a few months to get up the nps, they are so expensive now! So i bought from here, it was quick easy and was even extra things on the preloaded account, was awesome!

  31. April Chateauneuf (verified owner)

    Wonderful as always. My map came super speedy. No problems.

  32. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Just to note, if you order like I do, at 1:30am, don’t expect it to arrive till the normal hours haha. Once again though, I will be a returning customer 🙂 Great items, great service. Love the extras as always!

  33. Caitlyn (verified owner)

    After trying to save my NP I finally was able to get it quickly and cheaply! I was a bit worried about all of this but after buying and getting such results, will be buying again!

  34. Bethany (verified owner)

    I was really nervous to be buying this, especially after I had been saving and saving and saving my neopoints, it was driving me insane! But I figured why not and I am beyond satisfied, I will definitely be buying again!!

  35. J-D (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly, and I then proceeded to zap a pink pet. Must be lucky! 10/10

  36. Kimi

    I got fast service, so worth it!

  37. Ariston (verified owner)

    Got it quickly! Fast answers as well from the admin! Great site!

  38. Sav (verified owner)

    I got the map SO fast, and with absolutely no problems! I’d definitely recommend using this site to buy anything having to do with Neopets… You never know for sure if other sites are safe.

  39. Die_Magius (verified owner)

    Really fast and reliable! I finally got the map in a flash *^* saved months of np farming and map piece searching. THANKS 😀 Definitely gonna buy here again!

  40. WolfYlch (verified owner)

    Very good customer service! Took a few hours to arrive but I got it so I’m totally ok with that. I hadn’t realized there was a 24 hour time window so fair warning for everyone planing to buy one that it could take 24 hours! Don’t be like me – please look for all rules/terms of service! I feel bad for sounding so impatient but Verity is super kind!! Thank you so much once again!! 😀
    I couldn’t be happier <3

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