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When fed to your pet, this item will give you the Snorkle avatar.

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19 reviews for Snorkle Snout

  1. monte (verified owner)

    bought this and got the email with info in a few minutes, i was hesitant at first since it said the account had no neopet that it was empty but it wasnt and the item was in the SDB!!

  2. Jeremy King (verified owner)

    YES, FINNALLY GOT THE AVATAR! Thank you so much for the fast & secure service. I got it instantly, and I got my avatar. thank you so much (:

  3. jamie

    got my item so quick and finally got the avatar so easy and so cheap

  4. Ariel (verified owner)

    Finally got the item! This is /way/ better than dealing with mean people on the boards and TP!

  5. Francine (verified owner)

    extremely affordable for an avatar item. came quick and efficiently, and it gives the cutest avatar of all!

  6. Mang (verified owner)

    Finally I have the snorkle avatar! Excellent price, much faster than dealing with the inflated prices on the trading post. 🙂

  7. Kristina (verified owner)

    Cheap price and such a good avatar!

  8. Roberto (verified owner)

    SUPER cheap…come on 90 cents , got it in NO TIME…no hours after hours of waiting…and got my snorkle avvie , a recommended buy!!!

  9. Wade (verified owner)

    Got it within seconds and got the avatar minutes later, thank you BoN.

  10. veronika (verified owner)

    easy and effective way to get the avatar 🙂

  11. Lashy (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 of these and got them instantaneously. I love your guy’s site and the quality of service you all bring to your customers <3

  12. Kristina (verified owner)

    Super happy to have this avatar, and within seconds of putting in my order!

  13. Kerrigan (verified owner)

    Very helpful staff! Received my items with no hiccups.

  14. Mariah Coleman (verified owner)

    Cant wait to get this and feed to my neopet!!!

  15. Natalie (verified owner)

    Now I finally have the avatar for this! got this within the hour, thanks for the great service!

  16. Kylee (verified owner)

    Awesome, super cheap and super fast. Thanks so much!!

  17. Tori (verified owner)

    Got my items instantly! Great service.

  18. Kayla (verified owner)

    This was a test item. If it didn’t work, 90 cents was no big deal. Bought this the other day and within 6 hours or so I had the avatar! 🙂 Will be buying from you guys again in the future!

  19. Danielle (verified owner)

    Bought this as a tester of sorts. So far so good 🙂

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