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Darigan Paint Brush


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This magical paint brush was found in Lord Darigan’s floating citadel! This special item has a rarity of 200, classifying it as an ‘Artifact,’ and ever since its release on April 10, 2003, this sinister looking brush has been turning good pets into spooky minions of Lord Darigan! Imagine the first user’s surprise when their cute pet grew horns, spikes, and claws! Still, Darigan has become a very popular colour, which is why people will shell out 1.39 to 1.4 million neopoints in order to paint their pet in this exotic colour. Here, you don’t have to worry about saving up millions to get the pet you want, though. We offer you the cheapest prices out there, and super quick delivery so you can get on with your Neo life as soon as possible!

With them costing such a pretty Neo penny, you could also use Darigan paint brushes to build up your stash of wealth. Buy them cheaply from us, then sell them for 1.4 million a piece and pretty soon you’re on your way to becoming a Neo billionaire!

If you aren’t familiar with all the different Darigan pets, you may be wondering what features are out there, and how Darigans differ from other pets and from each other. Darigan pets look sinister and evil, much like the ruler they’re named after: Lord Darigan, who was driven to corruption by a lust for power and laid siege to Meridell a few years back. The Darigan colour is available from the Secret Laboratory Ray and from Faerie Fountain Quests, but these methods are random and unreliable if you’re looking to immediately have your very own Darigan pet to care for. The easiest way of obtaining one is simply to buy the paint brush and paint the pet you want to be Darigan at the Rainbow Pool. Many Darigans are purple in colour, but others are red or blue — a couple are yellow and dark green, too! Common traits among Darigan pets include red or yellow eyes, and dark spikes and claws. Spiked pets include Darigan Bori, Xweetok, and Flotsam which sport sharp spines on their backs, ears, and sides. Some pets even get bat like wings when they previously had none, such as those of the Darigan Kougra, Lupe, and Zafara. The Darigan Yurble, Wocky, and Draik even get a set of dangerous looking horns to go with their new colour! Most Darigans also get some fierce claws, adding to their arsenal of deadliness. And the Darigan Eyrie looks a lot like Lord Darigan’s general, Lord Kass. Nifty, huh?

Darigan pets are great for customization, too, especially if you want a dastardly villain, or a brooding hero with a dark past for your story. Since they can wear regular clothing, there is a huge supply of wearable items for you too choose from when customizing, and character creation is a breeze with such a neat looking pet to inspire you.

So which pet will you choose to be one of Lord Darigan’s evil minions?

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12 reviews for Darigan Paint Brush

  1. Vikki (x.vm) (verified owner)

    Been wanting this one for a long time! Again, cheapest I’ve found anywhere 🙂

  2. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Bought this to complete one of my dreamies. A Darian Aisha. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING FOR SELLING IT SO CHEAP!

  3. tbby

    great deal on this item!
    and again, super speedy process!!

  4. mel (verified owner)

    brilliant and wow what can i say fast service great communication and great item thank you 🙂

  5. Francine (verified owner)

    literally came within a few minutes after my payment was processed. i finally got that darigan pet i’ve always wanted. i will most likely buy another in the future because darigan pets rock!

  6. Maz Lye (verified owner)

    I am absolutely so happy to receive this paint brush without having to save up so much to obtain this. Thank you for the fast and excellent service!!

  7. Kylee (verified owner)

    Thanks for the pb. A very amazing site! 🙂

  8. Jose R. (verified owner)

    Who can deny the awesomeness of the Darigan Citadel. If you are looking for an easy way to get into the spirit of evil, this is the item to get. BoN makes it easy to get it!

  9. April Chateauneuf (verified owner)

    Been wanting this brush forever!!! Love it, thank you.

  10. Kristina (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to get my Darigan PB. 🙂 I love the prices. Thanks so much my pet Is going to look great this color!!

  11. whitney (verified owner)

    got fast love it a lot cant wait to make my next purchase

  12. Die_Magius (verified owner)

    How great doem my pet look like in her Darigan look!! LOVE IT! Fast and Reliable THANKS 😀 Definitely gonna buy here again!

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