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Pirate Draik Egg


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Do NOT eat this egg… inside is a baby Draik, and if you can work out how to hatch it, you can keep it as a pet!

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21 reviews for Pirate Draik Egg

  1. Dana (verified owner)

    Ordered my PDE and it came in about 3 minutes 🙂 I love how quick this site it, and now I am on my way to making my perfect draik!

  2. Doug (verified owner)

    I bought this and it was in my safety deposit box in about 4 minutes. Couldn’t ask for a better deal

  3. Heather (verified owner)

    I ordered this egg for yet another Draik 🙂 I’ve purchased 2 eggs here and about 6 others from the old site 🙂 They arrive remarkably fast within 5 min the info is emailed to you and all the info is correct 🙂 I have a beautiful white draik now thanks to you all here 🙂

  4. Rob (verified owner)

    Amazing service, very professional staff. Until I found this site I could never dream of owning a draik now I have a royalboy draik thanks again!

  5. melody (verified owner)

    we never dreamed of owning one my husband hatched his and the baby draik petpet is adorable would highly recommend this site staff are amazing too .

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    So, I was really hesitant about buying from this site, but I’m glad I decided to give it a shot. I received my item almost instantly and I now have my beautiful dream pet.

  7. Ticia (verified owner)

    Products from this site always come right away. Plus, you can’t beat the price!
    I love BoN, will be buying from here for as long as it is around!

  8. Rachel (verified owner)

    Thanks to this site, I finally have my dream pet, fast and for a cheap price! Awesome!

  9. Lauren (verified owner)

    Instant, and reliable. I now have yet another beautiful draik.

  10. Wade (verified owner)

    Received info instantly and got it within minutes, thanks.

  11. Rachel (verified owner)

    Thanks to this site, I could finally have a draik just as I ever wanted, and I just had to wait for some minutes. Amazing! Thank you!

  12. Tina (verified owner)

    Just ordered 🙂 can’t wait to get my egg! Love the prices

  13. Marie (verified owner)

    Received information regarding this purchase within 5 minutes. Trustworthy.

  14. Ashley (verified owner)

    Finally got my neopet goal, a draik egg. This site is great.

  15. Mariah (verified owner)

    I have completed my life long goal in mere hours!!

  16. Robin (verified owner)

    Had to do a bit of a hassly id check to make sure I was really me but I’d rather that than have my ID stolen. After that, was given the account with the egg in no time flat. Got some bonus scratchcards with it as well!!

  17. Sorena (verified owner)

    My first purchase and easy process. I love my new Draik! Defintely coming back for other great items 🙂

  18. Sarah (verified owner)

    Just bought a few of these. Great product and fast delivery as always, bank of neopia is fast and reliable!

  19. Michaela (verified owner)

    It was very fast deliver, took less than a day! Just started buying, recently and this site is amazing! Will be buying more of these in the future! Love my new draik!

  20. Maddie B

    I love how fast and reliable BoN is! I love like the fact that they really care about the people who are buying and will answer any questions you have!

  21. Kat (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE! This is amazing! Very quick and legit!

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