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Here at the Bank of Neopia, we understand that while some people play Neopets for collections or to amass large sums of neopoints, let’s be honest – for most of us, playing the game is all about our pets. Almost every player has some kind of pet goal, from painting a pet a certain colour, like painting your Ogrin Faerie, or even creating a specific colour/species combination, such as a Wraith Draik. Other players like to battle, so want a battle pet with specific stats, or want to train their pet to say, 600HSD. And lots of players have their eye on a very special unconverted (UC), pet, which is a pet with the old artwork before Neopets could wear clothes. No matter your goal, at Bank of Neopia we have a way to get you there.

If it’s UCs you’re after, we have almost every UC pet there is, whether your dreams are big or small. The old unconverted artwork for Neopets has so much character that many people feel that no other pet will do, and with a relatively small amount of unconverted pets to go around, they are often in high demand. But whether you dream big and have always kept a spot open for a UC Royalboy Acara, or it’s a UC Tyrannian Mynci that’s always had a place in your heart, we have everything you could possibly want. Because we’ve played for so long, we have a lot of unconverted pets to help make your dream come true.

Of course, there are plenty of players who couldn’t care less what their pet looks like – it’s all about how strong their pet is and how well it can do in the Battle Dome. Whether you’re a beginner battler just looking to get their feet wet in an upcoming plot, a midrange battler just looking to complete Defenders of Neopia, or an elite battler looking for a high tier battle pet, we have battle pets of every HSD (health + strength + defense). Remember, a pet’s HSD is its total stats, so if you want a pet with even 200s, you need to order a 600HSD pet, and conversely, if you’re just looking at total HSD, a 300HSD pet will not have 300 health, 300 strength, and 300 defense – it will have 100 health, 100 strength, and 100 defense, for a total of 300HSD.

Last but not least in any way, for the majority of Neopets players their dream neopets isn’t a UC or a BD pet – it’s painting their pet their dream colour, or creating and painting a specific pet. While we don’t sell already-created converted pets, we do sell everything you need to make your dream come true. We sell every kind of paint brush, so no colour is out of reach, and we sell Draik Eggs and morphing potions so that there is no colour or species combination that is out of your reach. We even sell Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) accounts so colours like Chocolate are even possible – and in some cases, you can even save money over buying the paint brush itself by buying the Fountain Faerie Quest instead. Our FFQs are easy to use – each account comes with an uncompleted quest, so all you need to do is turn in the item the Fountain Faerie is asking for and the Rainbow Fountain is accessible!

Whatever your dream pet is, Bank of Neopia can help you make it happen.