60+ Mil in Code and Retired Items!


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Age: 21+ years
Avatars: 20-40
Event trophies: 1-10
Game trophies: 1-20
Stamps: 5-25
Notable items:

Angelpuss Pillow
Angelpuss Socks
Arlhox VII
Black Roses
Chia Cookie Jar
Chia Yummy Mustard
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
Christmas Magic Hat
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
Cloud Aisha Lipstick
Cloud Aisha Music Box
Cloud Aisha Party Balloon
Cloud Aisha Pen
Cloud Aisha Pillow
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg
Disco Aisha Glasses
Disco Aisha Gold Chain
Disco Aisha Lipstick
Disco Aisha Party Balloon
Gargon IV
Gold Scooter
Golden Bike
Green Scorchstone
Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg
Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg
Magic Disco Aisha Ball
Magical Chokato Chia Pop
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
Paper Mache Aisha
Peachpa Easter Negg
Phear Easter Negg
Pretty Pink Easter Negg
Purple Brain Tree Plushie
Purple Chia Cap
Purple Chia Mirror
Purple Chia Slippers
Purple Paint Brush
Rainbow Scooter
Red Skateboard
Sardplant Easter Negg
Shreegla VI
Shylock Usulski
Space Faerie Snowglobe
Spotted Easter Negg
Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
Taelia The Snow Faerie
The Brain Tree
The Pant Devil
The Soup Faerie
Treasure Seekers
White Aisha Collar
White Aisha Compact Mirror
White Aisha Mirror
White Aisha Wobbly Pen
White Paint Brush

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