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Finding time for Neopets

Finding time for Neopets

So readers, how do YOU find time to play Neopets regularly? We've given you our ideas below – now we want to hear yours!

finding time for neopets


Neopets may look like it’s marketed to children, but for many adults it’s a fun guilty pleasure. Some of us grew up with Neopets, but many of us started and thought we’d be playing alongside kids, only to find that adults make up a sizable portion of the Neopets player base. And why not? It’s an enjoyable way to relax; its many facets are so varied that there’s something for everyone, whether it’s virtual battling that piques your interest, collecting that captures your attention, or even finding new ways to put together outfits. Gamers aren’t left out either, with a number of flash games, quest games, and more in-game.

Dubloon Disaster 

(Dubloon Disaster: Our favourite game! What score can you get?)

But as adults, the unfortunate reality is that we can’t always be as active in-game as we want. We may have a deadline at work that means we’re working more hours, or it may be time for your end-of-semester finals. Or perhaps it’s just a busy week with various real-life responsibilities piling up – but whatever the reason, you just didn’t have the time you wanted for Neopets this week. Without a doubt though, one of the best ways to have a strong account is to stay active; it’s easier to build wealth, gather trophies, and stay up to date if you play regularly. So how do you balance real life with your Neopets account?

balancing neopets

Obviously, things outside of the game take priority – when picking between earning money to pay bills and a virtual game, it’s a no brainer. But there’s no reason to sacrifice your Neopets account when things get busy, not even temporarily. Nearly all of us check our email every morning when we wake up, sometimes even before the first cup of coffee. At the bare minimum, you can log onto the site quickly and simply read the news – it’ll take a minute, maybe two if it’s a Friday (because the editorial in the Neopian Times is just as important as the New Features page!). While this may not seem very helpful on face, it actually has a few benefits. First, and most importantly, it keeps your account active according to the site; that means you don’t risk birthday-locking your account. While birthday-locking isn’t necessarily a big deal, it can be very irritating if the birthday on your account isn’t actually yours – and many users intentionally use fake birthdays – because you may not remember the correct date off the top of your head. Even if you do, it’s an extra step, and let’s be honest – that’s annoying to go through. Second, keeping up to date on the news helps keep your account strong and up to date, because you’ll know immediately if a new site event launches. That knowledge means you can both potentially grab a new site event trophy for your account – most events have participant levels that allow users who have only a little bit of time to dedicate to garner trophies anyway – and keep up to date on new ways to earn neopoints, such as new items restocking, a new daily, or a new game.

neopets fun

If you have a few minutes to be logged in – and most of us have a smartphone nowadays, so grabbing a couple minutes on the train or during a coffee break is pretty easy to find – it’s even better. In addition to reading the news, doing dailies is a quick activity with a lot of bang for your buck. Buying stocks and hitting the daily freebies, such as the Forgotten Shore and the Fruit Machine, may gain only a few points, but they also have the potential to pay off big in terms of prizes like paint brushes and morphing potions, all for only a few quick clicks. If there’s a current plot or site event, having a few minutes can also let you do a quick activity, allowing you to gain a participant trophy. These are both fun to collect and keep your account looking strong and active – even if you really only have a few minutes each day.

neopets dailies

Neopets can also be a multi-tasking activity; If you don’t have time to actively play but can find a few minutes at the start of the day, simply logging in and setting up your habitarium to run in an open tab on your browser not only keeps your account current and active, but will actually earn you neopoints with minimal effort and almost no time investment on your part.

neopets habitarium

Life definitely gets busy at times – sometimes more often than not! – but there’s always ways to find time. Even sneaking a few minutes here and there, whether it’s a quick check of the news on your phone or a few minutes of dailies during a snack, can yield a lot of benefits.

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