Baby Paint Brush
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Baby Paint Brush

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Aww! Turn your Neopet into a cute little baby with one use of this magical paintbrush! This special item has a rarity of two hundred, pushing it into the ‘Artifact’ category. Released May 16, 2002 as the landslide winner of the very first Pick the Next Paint Brush competition, this precious brush has been creating even more precious baby versions of our favourite Neopets ever since. It is quite popular because, who wouldn’t want a sweet little baby to call their own? The big eyes and darling expression of the Baby Kougra; those oversized, floppy ears of the Baby Lupe, and the sheer cleverness of the Baby Pteri which turns out looking like an egg… It’s enough to make your heart melt!

Besides being so gosh darn cute, Baby Neopets can do everything normal Neopets can do: their brand new colour will hinder them in absolutely no way! Imagine how hilarious it would be, beating up opponent after opponent in the Battledome with your sweet little baby pet! Or, you can turn your baby into a super genius by reading it tons of books! You could even have your very own baby gourmet, if you wanted to! Baby pets do everything that their full sized counterparts do, but perhaps look a bit more endearing while doing it.

With the new customization fad that has been sweeping over all of Neopia, you may be wondering if your baby pet will be able to partake in the fun. The answer is YES! While babies can’t wear a lot of regular clothing items because they‘re so unique, they get some of their own exclusive items made just for babies! Some species of baby even come with exclusive paint brush clothing items, such as the Baby Xweetok‘s bow, the Baby Acara’s bib, or the Baby Aisha’s collar!

So, how do you get a baby? Faerie Fountain quests can paint your pet baby for you if you choose, but the chance of the Fountain Faerie visiting you is very slim, and the items she asks for can be very rare and expensive. A visit from Boochi is the cheapest method since it costs nothing, but again, the chances of him visiting and zapping the correct pet are very slim. Sometimes he even misses and hits the wrong pet! No, the most reliable and affordable way is to buy a Baby Paint Brush from us. On site, these will cost you 600k if you purchase them from the Hidden Tower in Faerieland, or you can buy one from the Auction House or Trading Post for around 585k sometimes, but why would you spend your hard earned neopoints when you can obtain a Baby Paint Brush for only $2.50 here? We also offer instant delivery on this item, so you don’t have to wait around for hours or days to get your new baby pet, OR to sell it for extra neopoints. Plus, when you buy with us, you earn reward points that can go towards future purchases!

The only question now is which pet do you think makes the cutest baby?

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